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When you have a desire in your heart, it was probably placed there by the Lord. You just need the courage to answer when you are called out of the boat. It has only been a few months since I first met “the chicks” in Florida while attending Actors, Models and Talents for Christ. It was clear that God had brought us together for His purpose. The dream of the Christian Comedy Chicks is becoming our reality. You are jumping on this train just pulling out of the station and we are so excited to share where God has us headed, at full steam ahead. Our very first show will be in Delaware with a goal of obtaining amazing footage. Three of us are relying on the Lord to provide airfare and know He will provide. Last Thursday was our very first skype meeting and none of us could believe what dinosaurs we were. Other than the fact that my headphones were duck taped and barely hanging on, it was wonderful to connect Texas, Chicago and Delaware on a video call. Our website is finished, logo done and first show booked. The next skype meeting is coming up on Saturday with much anticipation. Our current agent is God and I can’t wait to see where He books us next. I’m pushing for Texas.

Jessica Ramirez, Leader of the Chicks


  1. Liz "Laugh 'til you cry" Jones says:

    I’m out of the boat, walking on the water, and reaching for my Christ and His vision for my life with both arms outstretched!

  2. Laura says:

    Amen and AMEN. Thank You, Lord!

  3. Liz Jones says:

    So glad to be walking on the water, making my way to the spiritual destiny Christ is calling me towards. :-)

  4. Dennis Neal says:

    Saw your performance last night in Delaware…and we’re still laughing.

    Thanks for a great time and we are praying the “chicks” are blessed with many more performances to come!

    • Liz Chick Jones says:

      Thank you, Dennis! It was a blessing to minister through joy and laughter. We appreciate your continual prayers and support :-)

  5. Donna Macy says:

    You are so blessed to have Andrea on your team. Yea Andrea. She was a blessing to us here in Everett Washington and I know she will bless a lot more people now that she is hooked up with all you gals. Go gals!

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