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That is the one word that can summarize the 4-Day Bliss Program which occurred from September 20th-23rd in gorgeous San Antonio and Gruene, Texas! But let me slow it down and take you day-by-day through our Bliss Program. Pay close attention, too, as you read. There will be trivia questions posted on our Facebook page later on!


Day 1: Thursday—Bliss Begins

Even though it was 3 a.m., Lightning Chick was wide awake, dressing in the silence as she prepared to leave New Castle DE and her two chickadees in Nana’s and daddy’s care for 3 days. She did not look back!

At around 5 or 6 a.m., Melody and Silver Fox arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport. Each Chick was groggy but still happy. They even got some humorous footage in the airport while they waited to board the plane for Chicago. One of the Chicks posted a piece of airport comedy on her site.

In Chicago, Yamaha and Phoenix were comfortably waiting for our reunion. Yes, we did make a scene in a public place. Yes, people looked. And yes, we didn’t care!

While in flight, God gave us some awesome connections and great opportunities to advertise.  And our Christian Comedy Chicks t-shirts didn’t hurt the publicity cause, either ;-) When we landed in San Antonio, we were met by our fearless leader, La Suena, Momma Chick, and an impromptu stand-in, honorary managerial staff member who shall remain nameless right now ;-) Then, it was time to get our eat ON!

We went to Shang-Hai for Chinese food, and it was delish! Then it was onward to the guest home!

Let me tell you a little something about this guest house. It was GORGEOUS! And complete with cuddly pals. That’s right, friends. There were 3 little dogs to entertain us, and believe you me….we were DEFINITELY entertained! Vittles, Snaggles, and Jiblets (the names have been changed to protect the innocent) were our doggy companions, and let’s just say there were many laughs had concerning our 4-legged housemates.  Silver Fox and Phoenix were the unofficial dog-care-providers; Melody, Yamaha, and Lightning were the amused spectators!

The first day of bliss ended with a fashion show! One of our sponsors, Vault Denim, came by the house to fit and supply us with “bling jeans!” Can you tell from the photos which Chicks wore Vault Denim Jeans? Here’s a hint: there were 3 of them! Once our bling was selected, we settled down for a great sleep because Friday morning had a big surprise: we were going to be featured on the San Antonio Living morning show!


STAY TUNED FOR…Day 2: Bliss on Caffeine


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