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Wow, friends! If we thought Newark, DE and Kingsport, TN were a blast (and we did and they were), then Peachtree City, GA was a blast plus a bag of spicy potato chips!

The Imperfect is Perfect Tour is rolling right along, and God is blessing us and teaching us more and more with each opportunity to minister.  Where to begin to tell you about it all? Well, let’s start with arrivals….

La Suena Chick (Jessica Ramirez, our fearless leader) and Momma Chick (Pam) took to the road in the mini-Cooper with the top down, and drove from Texas to Georgia. Fourteen hours of child-less fun, my friends! They were tanner when they arrived!

Yamaha Chick (Laura Mae Poore) and Lightning Chick (Liz Jones) flew in from their respective cities–Chicago and Philadelphia (since there’s no airport in New Castle, DE).

Melody Chick (Kim Ammerman) and Silver Fox Chick (Andrea Kent Jones) drove from Delaware to Georgia, harassing and humoring truck drivers all along the way!

By Thursday morning at 11 a.m., we were all together in Peachtree City Christian Church where we met our AWESOME sound man, Michael, and learned more about his band Tru Story.  We met Pastor George Dillard III, enjoyed Starbucks iced coffee, and took a ride in his classy golf cart! The day on Thursday was filled with meeting new fans (Diane Regular), exploring the Chick-fil-A headquarters, enjoying free ice-dream (<—not a typo), and taking a tour of Icon Studios. We took enough pictures to wallpaper an RV. A large RV. It was awesome!

Friday night’s show was filled with surprises before we even began performing. Shannen Fields of Facing the Giants,  Sam Beman of Light Talk with Sam Beman, and Atlanta radio personality Ashbeezy Breezy were three of our amazing audience members and honored guests. We were so grateful to see members of our birth family (AMTC, Actor’s Models and Talent for Christ) in the persons of Adam She, Lexy She, Jack She, Nancy Manning, and Jen Manning Harris.  We had a beautiful show and were honored to be interviewed on the Light Talk with Sam Beman show (watch it on YouTube: Christian Comedy Chicks interview with Sam Beman).  We ended our amazing day with an after-show dinner party at She’s Bistro. The food and service were outstanding! If you are ever in the Peachtree City area, you should definitely visit She’s Bistro. Great food!

Well, friends, these feathered ladies are excited about our next booked stop: San Antonio, Texas. We hope that you will continue to follow our journey and, if God lays it upon your heart, please consider donating to our mission. Your contributions make it possible for us to book travel arrangements, provide for meals when we travel, and other necessities.

Remember: Imperfect is perfect when you place it in the hands of a Perfect God!


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